Leading Blended Teams Virtual and Onsite

1/2 day VIRTUAL

The purpose of the course

Leadership in any context is challenging, and leading teams in a remote world is not always unique - however it can be sometimes show up disorienting, maybe feeling like it takes more time or is more complex in ways which are uncommon is a shared workspace.

This course will explore the four key strategies that are most effective, and what kind of leaders succeed most often in remote and onsite environments:

Communication skills

Focus & priorities

Building trust and relationships

Leadership Mindset

Benefits for your organisation

Enables agile work practices with little or no impact on output, cost savings by adopting a WFH approach for some or all of the team

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for leaders who have a need to manage a team or group of individuals remotely and onsite, ensuring business continuity and engagement

Topics covered:

Leadership Mindset

  • Auditing your leadership style
  • Learning to let go
  • Transactional v Inspirational Leadership

Communication - Planning & Actioning

  • How to change channels
  • Formality v spontaneity
  • Planning, content, goals and objectives
  • 2 way methods
  • Feedback Techniques

Building Trust & Relationships

  • Switching up the light
  • TRUST - The trust equation
  • Trust audit, exercises and review

Focus and Priorities

  • Detailed process reviews
  • Keeping close connections - what’s next & why
  • Communication preferences and how to use them

For more information, or to book a place on this course, call us on 01604 490470 or email training@northants-chamber.co.uk. Chamber members can book online.






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