Customer service for Offsite Personnel - Engineers

The purpose of this course:

Given that the people who visit your customers premises are the most influential in shaping the customers preception of your organisation, this course is designed to raise awareness of individual impact.

Using traditional input approaches as well as video clips and activities to bring learning to life, this day is aimed at offsite personnel such as engineers with techical skills who may not have the knowledge or insight needed to handle customers effectively. The day will help those who attend realise the power they have in building customer loyalty and provide them with actions they can take forward that will make a difference to how customers see you. After all your customers remember how your people make them feel!

What is covered:

Reputation and its impact on success

Your organisation’s brand - Your personal brand – people remember how you make them feel

What is good customer service?

Getting the basics right

Setting sustainable standards of external customer service

The Service Chain Concept

Conveying a positive service image

Managing Moments of Truth

Understanding your stakeholders Emotional and Tangible needs

The Four Customer TypesThe Virtuous Circle – Listen / Act / Measure

What gets measured gets managed

Moving from good to great

Four essential customer service behaviours

Relationship Building – for future success

Taking Responsibility – to get things right first time

Managing Expectations – so there are no surprises

Operating Assertively – being able to say no when needed

By the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:
Appreciate the connection between what they do and their impact on the company. Recognise the steps to take in maximising brand reputation. Appreciate the value of customer service to the business. Demonstrate a greater understanding of different types of customer and make appropriate connections with those customers. Understand and effectively manage moments of truth for their customers. Treat customers with care and consideration at every opportunity.

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22nd Nov 2018

Developing Assertiveness Skills

Northamptonshire Chamber, Room: Conference Suite

09:30 – 17:00

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23rd Nov 2018

Written Communication at its BEST!

Northamptonshire Chamber, Room: Conference Suite

09:15 – 17:00

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29th Nov 2018

Helping Difficult Customers!

Northamptonshire Chamber

09:15 – 17:00

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17th Jan 2019

Customer Service on the Telephone

Northamptonshire Chamber

09:30 – 17:00

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5th Feb 2019

Minutes Made Easy

Northamptonshire Chamber

09:30 – 17:00

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