Getting the Message Right

The most important thing for any business is to find customers and keep them coming back. Creating a long term relationship with customers is now the way many organizations hope to achieve long term growth and profitability. This can be done via face to face contact, over the telephone or simply by a letter.

Getting the Message Right courses will help anyone who has to communicate by any means with internal and external customers or potential customers for your business.

Scheduled courses in this section include:

  • Customer Service on the Telephone
  • Helping Difficult Customers
  • Developing Assertiveness Skills
  • Minutes Made Easy
  • Successful Business Writing in the 21st Century

Bespoke in-house courses in this section include

  • Customer Service for off-site personnel
  • Presenting yourself with confidence & energy
  • Running & Chairing Meetings

              All these courses & the additional outlines listed under this heading can be delivered onsite or VIRTUAL and tailored to your business requirements.

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