Latest Developments

20 March: BCC comments on latest Brexit developments - click here

18 March: BCC forecast: UK economy to falter further as Brexit uncertainty bites - click here

14 March: BCC comments on Article 50 vote: Businesses still in the danger zone - click here

13 March: BCC comments on no-deal Brexit vote - click here

13 March: BCC comments on no-deal tariff proposals - click here

12 March: BCC: UK must avoid messy and disorderly exit on March 29th - click here

12 March: UK economy continuing to slow under weight of Brexit uncertainty - click here

5 March: BCC comments on workers’ rights proposals - click here

26 February: BCC comments on Prime Minister’s statement - click here

26 February: BCC: Government must act now to prevent ‘no deal’ by default on 29th March - click here

24 February: Another day, another delay - click here

21 February: Disappointing lack of progress on continuity trade agreements - click here

15 February - BCC/DHL: Volatility and price pressures weighing on UK exporters - click here

12 February: Businesses ‘hung out to dry’ without answers in event of unwanted ‘no deal’ - click here

6 February: Government must listen to business on tariffs - click here

4 February - BCC comments on no deal customs announcement - click here

29 January - BCC: Another day lost while the clock is ticking - click here

15 January - BCC responds to result of meaningful vote - click here

19 December - British Business says no to no-deal in 100 days’ time - click here

11 December - BCC: Business intensely frustrated by yet another delay - click here

10 December - Brexit uncertainty weighing on the economy and trade - click here

25 November - BCC comments on EU summit agreement - click here

22 November 2018 - BCC comments on UK-EU Political Deceleration - click here

14 November 2018 - BCC comments on Brexit Agreement - click here

28 September 2018 - Six months to Brexit: Major new BCC survey finds investment and recruitment would be cut in the event of ‘no deal.’ - click here

HMRC publishes ‘no deal’ Brexit help pack - click here for guide on importing and here for exporting

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