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Win a VW e-Golf for just £1

Posted: 10/12/19 by Cygnus Ltd

Win a VW e-Golf for just £1

This winter creative design and digital agency, Cygnus Ltd have partnered with MK Community Foundation (MKCF) for their annual car raffle.

MK Community Foundation supports and provides bursaries and funds to many local charities and community groups in Milton Keynes. Each winter the Foundation hosts the annual car raffle, with this year’s raffle running between 4 November 2019 and 6 January 2020. Participants have the opportunity to donate to one of MK Community Foundation supporting charities, automatically entering them into the car raffle with the chance to win a brand new car for just £1. This year’s prize, a Volkswagen e-Golf!

In previous years MK Community Foundation has sold paper tickets, however this year they have decided to digitise the process via an online solution. It was Cygnus’ challenge to bring to life the campaign by creating a strong visual impact and maintaining a strong online presence throughout.

The project required the creative team at Cygnus to consider the values and impact MKCF has within the city, rather than focusing solely on selling tickets, and making this known throughout their campaign. When creating the visuals for the campaign, Cygnus incorporated MK Community Foundation’s Vital Signs themes of ‘Better Wellbeing’, ‘Stronger Communities’ and ‘Positive Changes’.

The concept centres around the car being “dressed” to support the 3 key themes. Stronger Communities, which celebrates organisations who build a sense of belonging, trust and engagement between local people, draws inspiration from MK’s concrete cows; Better Wellbeing encourages active and healthy lifestyles, promoting better physical and mental health and is represented via an “athletic car” design; and Positive Changes which supports families to participate in valuable and engaging community activities, utilises graffiti art with a bright inspirational application.

The animation linked below shows the car’s “costume changes” reflecting on how the campaign supports the themes.

Cygnus decided on the headline “Electrify” your commute and help your community for £1” as a headline to engage the audience with MKCF, rather than just the prize of the car.

Cygnus pride themselves in creating strong bonds with their partners, particularly those that make a positive impact in Milton Keynes.

You can support MK Community Foundation as well as local charities by donating here:

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