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Wicksteed Park sees the return of its historic ice cream

Posted: 04/04/19 by Wicksteed Park Ltd

Wicksteed Park sees the return of its historic ice cream

On the 6th April, Wicksteed Park will be bringing back its famous ice cream which hasn’t been available for almost 20 years, with a traditional recipe dating back to World War II.

The original wartime recipe was made using goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk due to rationing in the early 1930s, and hasn’t been recreated since. Those with a sweet tooth will be pleased to know that the authentic recipe is now being revived for all the family to enjoy.

First sold in the iconic Wicksteed Park pavilion, built in 1922, the historic ice cream was on offer amongst other bygone treats such as Tilley’s Sweets and jugs of tea. However, it was in 1933 where popularity really kicked in and Wicksteed Park’s very own Ice Cream Parlour was born. The beloved product was then sold from the parlour and tricycles which toured the park grounds.

It came as no surprise that the delicious dessert was a hit with visitors, and so 1955 saw the introduction of Wicksteed Park’s own factory to keep up with demand of the sweet delight. Unfortunately, in 2001, the costs to upgrade equipment were too high and the factory subsequently closed.

Rachel James, Head of Sales and Marketing at Wicksteed Park commented: “Almost two decades since our factory closed, we are proud to announce that the ice cream will be based on the original recipe and is once again available to purchase here at Wicksteed Park. We know how much our customers have loved this throughout the years, so we’re excited to be able to bring a touch of history back and remind some of our long serving visitors of the unique taste. What’s more, you’ll have a choice of two flavours; vanilla and raspberry ripple.”

To make this possible, Wicksteed Park has teamed up with family business, Ganders Goat, to produce the ice cream. With the farm right on the Northampton / Rutland / Leicestershire border, the ice cream stays true to its local roots. Gallones, Northampton’s legendary premium ice cream company, will also assist with the setup of the parlour.

With spring fast approaching and warmer days ahead, what better time for families to indulge in a taste of history whilst they enjoy the variety of attractions and activities Wicksteed Park has to offer.

To visit Wicksteed Park and for more information, visit or call 01536 512475.

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