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Wicksteed Park invests £700,000 in Clip ‘n Climb family climbing attraction

Posted: 06/11/18 by Wicksteed Park Ltd

Wicksteed Park invests £700,000 in Clip ‘n Climb family climbing attraction

Wicksteed Park, Kettering, is to launch family climbing venue Clip ‘n Climb on November 17, offering a wide range of fun activities for people of all ages.

The £700,000 indoor attraction will offer 28 different quirky and exciting challenges and climbing walls, including an 8m-high leap of faith, as part of the park’s move towards providing year-round fun and enjoyment.

It has been designed to provide fun for all members of the family, from four years old upwards, and encourage them to stay fit and healthy.

The park’s activities team is also launching a programme containing a wide variety of climbing challenges catering for all kinds of skill levels.

The new Clip ‘n Climb climbing attractions include:

• Stairway to Heaven (6.5m) – Walk to the top of the big, green Mario pillars before taking the jump at the top (easy/medium level).

• Astroball (9.5m) – Large climbing balls placed on top of each other in a funky way. Figure out the route around them to the top (easy/medium level).

• Speed Climb (7.2m) – The fastest wins! Press the start button and you are off and the button at the top stops the clock. On the way down you can see your time and claim your victory (easy/medium level).

• Twister (9.8m) – Every colour you can think of, the wall twists as you climb to make it a bit harder and the holds on one side are upside down too! (easy/medium level).

• Leap of Faith. (8.4m). Jump off the platform and aim for the punch bag - hold on if you can (medium level), additional cost applies.

The Clip ‘n Climb clipper system means people can climb any challenge on their own and still be safe.

As part of Wicksteed Park’s policy of making fun accessible to all, the attraction will also feature a special adaptation to the TruBlue auto belay climber support device for use by people with disabilities.

Wicksteed Park managing director Ian Bartlett said Clip ‘n Climb was an integral part of the park’s plans to provide fun and exciting attractions for throughout the year.

He said: “Offering people the chance to enjoy themselves indoors and giving them healthy and exciting things to do in the colder weather is an important aspect of our vision to drive forward the park’s development and growth as a family attraction.”

The Clip ’n Climb attraction costs £12 for a 55-minute session, which includes a briefing on how to use the equipment.

Clip ‘n Climb, which was first launched in New Zealand in 2006, is the overwhelming market leader in the fun-climbing sector, with more than 100 centres worldwide delivering amazing experiences and healthy, challenging fun for everyone.

Wicksteed Park combines 147 acres of beautiful parkland and as Edwardian pavilion with attractions such as rollercoasters and rides to ensure a great day out for the whole family.

The park was founded in 1921 by Charles Wicksteed, the creator of swings and slides as we know them today, as part of his vision to inspire and encourage play as part of families’ health and well-being.

For further information on all the Clip ‘n Climb climbing walls and attractions go to

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