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Why the CCM Intelligent Wealth Fund has such a bright future!

Posted: 24/10/19 by Wealth and Tax Management

Wealth and Tax’s sister company, Minerva Money Management has made substantial changes to the CCM Intelligent Wealth Fund since the start of this year which makes me super excited about the fund’s future. At the time of writing, the fund is up 15% since 2 January 2019.

What investors are unaware of is that there are a number of shares in the fund that are highly under-valued currently which means that the performance figure for the year to date is effectively understated.

Since the start of the year they have reduced the investments in US stocks from 60% of the fund to just 25% because they consider the US stock market to be largely over-valued. They have re-directed most of the money into the under-valued markets of the UK and Japan.

They have shifted the focus of the fund into mostly small and medium sized companies rather than large companies.

They are using a valuation methodology that ensures we only buy companies that are under-valued and a system that ensures they do not invest in companies that are manipulating their earnings.

Furthermore, they only invest in companies that are innovative and disruptive and are shaping our future based on 7 themes of the future which are summarised below.



Payment Processing



Renewable Energy


As a hedge against the over-valued US stock market, international tensions and trade wars, they have invested into a couple of gold ETFs as well as a silver mining company. They consider both gold and silver to be excellent hedges under today’s economic and politically uncertain times.

They continue to invest in investment trusts and ETFs as well as direct equities which means that there is a large diversification of risk because there are approximately 2,500 underlying shares in the fund.

The combination of all of the above changes will, I believe, result in excellent investment returns in the years ahead.

So if you would like to benefit from investing in a fund with a bright future why not get in touch? Contact us to find out how to invest in the CCM Intelligent Wealth Fund today. You know it makes sense.

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