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Wear it Purple for Transitions UK

Posted: 08/07/20 by Transitions UK

Transitions UK are calling on all local businesses to support Transitions UK by taking part in our ‘Wear it Purple’ Day.

Their ‘Wear it Purple’ Day is something they were hoping to achieve before the lockdown and now seems like the perfect opportunity for you to all get involved.

Choose a day, get your staff involved, set up a competition for best dressed, worst dressed, best make up or craziest look. There are different ways to get involved in this day - dye your hair purple, wear an item of purple clothing, create a purple make up look, or go full hog and paint yourself head to toe! The possibilities are endless, get creative and raise money for a worthy cause whilst having fun with your colleagues.

All you have to do if fill out the form below and return to and you are all set!

They will be running a competition for the most creative business as well as the most creative individual, using their hashtag #wearitpurplefortransitionsuk. You can send in your efforts on social media (facebook, Instagram or twitter) and have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes, don’t forget to tag @TransitionsUK!

Minimum £5 donation per person, or if you fancy getting your whole household involved £15 per 4 people; they welcome everyone to join in with this fun and creative challenge.

Making your day a success – some ideas

- First of all, don’t forget to set up your total giving page and send the link to all of your staff.
- Purple clothing, purple make up, purple hair… you could even set up a purple foodie comp. - - Bake a purple cake or make purple themed food
- Create a fun filled ‘purple’ themed quiz
- Take lots of photo’s, share on socials, tag TransitionsUK and most importantly HAVE FUN!

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