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Trainers Network Northamptonshire shortlisted for the ‘Networking Group of the Year’ Award

Posted: 29/08/17 by The Development Company Limited

The Development Company is delighted to announce that the network they run, the Trainers Network Northamptonshire (TNN for short), has been shortlisted for the ‘Networking Group of the Year’ Award in the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards for 2017.

Kay Buckby, who started the network in June 2010, said: “Our vision was to create a network group for anyone who is passionate about learning and development, to collaborate and share better practice. We are a not for profit group, and the network is a joy to grow. At the time of writing we have 900 people on our database, and events that attract 20-30 attendees.”

The group holds quarterly meetings every March, June, September and December. Each event is ‘Pay as You Go’ and are held on a Friday between 8.30am for breakfast, ending after lunch.

The networking philosophy is built around relationship building, many connections and collaborations have been made, new products and services developed, and work won. Two trainers have won over 50 days of paid work via during 2017 via an opportunity posted on the TNN Facebook group.

The TNN website is and they can be contacted by email: and by phone on 01604 810801.

The winner will be announced at the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards Finals on Wednesday 25th October at the Mercure Daventry Hotel.

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