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Trainers Network Northamptonshire is Runner-Up Networking Group of the Year 2017

Posted: 31/10/17 by The Development Company Limited

Trainers Network Northamptonshire is Runner-Up Networking Group of the Year 2017

We are so proud that the Trainers Network Northamptonshire (TNN) was awarded Runner-Up ‘Networking Group of the Year’ 2017 in the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards.

Kay Buckby, who runs the network, said: “The Development Company was the obvious choice to run the network, as we are one of the oldest training companies in Northamptonshire. The TNN is a labour of love; we are thrilled at how many people have been connected via our events.

“The team attended the Awards night, and we didn’t expect the night to be as spectacular as it was. When our name was called as Runner-Up ‘Networking Group of the Year’, we were overwhelmed. It was more than we expected. To be a Finalist was a major achievement for us.”

Kay started the Trainers Network Northamptonshire in June 2010, and the original 16 members decided upon the Vision, the Mission, and the strapline for the group, in the first session. Events have between 18-25 attendees, and there is a lively Facebook group for discussion between events.

“The TNN has met a gap for a support network for Learning and Development professionals. We have trainers, coaches, consultants, mentors, and speakers who attend, as well as anyone who is passionate about learning (which is the TNN strapline),” says Kay.

“So if you would like to come along to a relaxed networking event, and learn at the same time, please add yourself to the database!”

The group holds quarterly events every March, June, September and December. Each event is ‘Pay as You Go’, so you are not locked into a paid membership. Kay continued: “Friday mornings are our choice, starting with breakfast and networking at 08.30, and ending with lunch and networking at 12.30pm.

The networking philosophy is built around relationship building, so there are no elevator pitches. Just relax, be yourself and learn. Or show the group what you can do. Or try out a new activity or session amongst your peers. We follow the philosophy that givers gain, and we know it works.

Kay’s company The Development Company runs the TNN, on a not for profit basis. Kay said: “Whatever we pay venues, is what we charge our members. We donated £480 to Macmillan Nursing in September 2017, as Scott Bader, decided they didn’t want to charge us for hosting an event. All fees were paid to charity.”

There is a lively Facebook group you can join to post queries, opportunities and knowledge share. The monthly website blog is informative, reflective and a great chance to show what you know. We are always looking for blog writers - The group is also on Twitter (@trainersnetwork) and Linkedin.

The TNN would like to congratulate Mike Willis of The Business Club, who won Networking Group of the Year for the second year running. Congratulations to Lunch and Learn, and Kettering Business Network, fellow Finalists. Kay said: “Getting to the Awards night was a real experience for us, all part of the learning process. We recommend that other niche professions start up their own support groups. Let’s make Northamptonshire even stronger. That’s what it’s all about.”

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