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Time to consider Christmas 2021 menus

Posted: 29/06/21 by Central Foods Ltd

Time to consider Christmas 2021 menus

Now that we’re officially into the second half of the year, thoughts in food service are moving towards those all-important Christmas menus.

Traditional fare always goes down well. But for those customers who are looking for change or who have dietary requirements, Central Foods offers a super selection of plant-based and free-from options.

Vegan, vegetarian and free-from options
Including tempting vegan and vegetarian choices on any Christmas menu is an absolute must. And don’t forget your gluten-free customers.

The Menuserve brie and red onion tart is suitable for gluten-free and vegetarian diners. It’s a super pre-prepared crisp, gluten-free cheddar and chive pastry tart filled with a meltingly creamy brie and cheddar sauce topped with a tangy red onion compôte.

Or how about the Menuserve beetroot and thyme tarte tatin - featuring sticky, caramelised balsamic roasted beetroot wedges delicately flavoured with thyme on a crisp puff pastry base? It’s vegan and vegetarian friendly and is a striking main course dish which can be served with roasted vegetables or other traditional Christmas trimmings.

Perfect for those who like something a little spicy is the Menuserve Cajun spiced sweet potato roulade. Suitable for gluten-free and vegan diners, it’s a superb centre-of-the-plate item.

“All three items are premium products that suit the increasing demand in the food service sector for good quality, pre-prepared options that are suitable for those with dietary requirements. However, they will also prove popular more generally – helping to avoid menu proliferation,” explains Gordon Lauder, MD of frozen food distributor Central Foods.

Don’t forget dessert…
For an alternative to Christmas pudding, how about the delicious pre-prepared Menuserve range of desserts?

Our pre-cut Menuserve desserts, available in three delicious flavours, are extremely versatile.
Each portion can be served as they come or sliced into halves – 50% fewer calories but 100% of the flavour! Or how about cutting each slice into four smaller portions to serve as part of a selection of mini desserts this Christmas? These deliciously creamy desserts also just happen to be vegan and gluten-free – perfect for food service operators to serve to their customers with dietary requirements this Christmas. For the ultimate, tasty alternative Christmas dessert, our Menuserve Black Forest Meringue Roulade combines fresh whipped cream flavoured with real Kirsch, with rich, tangy cherries and dark chocolate flakes – a flavour combination made in heaven!”

Take a look at the Menuserve range .

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