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The grass isn’t always greener

Posted: 12/08/19 by Wilson Browne Solicitors

Wilson Browne recently received a message from Paul Beesley, director and senior consultant at Beyond Theory, business coaching and training. They specialise in staff motivation, leadership skills or customer experience, and he is former treasurer of Service 6, chairperson of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), and a member at “Engage for Success” an organisation that provides leadership and guidance on employee engagement.

Here is what Paul says:“Wilson Browne Solicitors impressed me as a true investor in people. They understand the importance of a positive, customer-focused organisational culture. This is not just evidenced by what I have observed, but from what employees have told me when they have joined from other legal firms. If you are looking to change, this firm is well worth considering to be part of.”

These are amazing comments to have. Wilson Browne has always talked about being different and continually trying to improve things for their staff. They genuinely think this is a fantastic place to work and hope that their staff feel the same.

The story does not end there. In July Wilson Browne had five former members of staff, from different roles, apply for vacancies (those applications are of course confidential). It is heartening that they felt able to approach them (some places are ones you never go back to), but also fantastic that they wanted to come back.

A common thread was that people said they had never felt more “at home” than they had at Wilson Browne. Wilson Browne staff all work to high standards, whether on the advice given to clients or the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

It’s important to enjoy your working life as it’s easy to get lost in the daily small issues and challenges. As always, it is fantastic to be reminded by those from outside the business that this is a great place to be, to have a career and to provide for our families.

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