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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Digital Marketing during Covid-19

Posted: 26/03/20 by Bright Design Ltd

Firstly, Bright Design hope that you, your families, and businesses are well. You will be as aware as they are of the current situation regarding COVID 19, and it is with these extraordinary circumstances in mind that Bright Design began to think about ways they could help their fellow chamber of commerce members in this trying time.

Advertising, and more specifically advertising online, can look like a dark art from the outside, full of complex jargon, code and misleading tactics. Bright Design wanted to arrange an event in order to combat these misconceptions and help businesses continue to operate, and even thrive, throughout the next few months. They foresee a shift in the way people interact with businesses and enquire about their services. They believe that companies with a strong online presence, the companies who take advantage of the sudden spike in online users searching for products and services, will be well placed to continue to be profitable during the next few months and maybe the rest of 2020.

They’re very aware that businesses currently want to take action in the right direction when it comes to how they promote their business during this difficult time period, which is why they have planned a free live Q&A session in order to support their local business community, offering free advice on The Do’s and Don’t’s of Digital Marketing during Covid-19.

On Monday 30th March at 4pm they will be putting their phones to one side and accepting any questions you may have on improving your digital marketing in order to ensure continuity of service and give you the tools you need to market the business online. These suggestions are often simple changes, overlooked by busy business owners, but these easy wins can have a huge impact on how your business performs online. They will also be offering a presentation on 10 Quick SEO Wins to take away and implement as you see fit.

Bright Design would suggest all questions being emailed to them, as this will be a live event involving numerous businesses – the aim being of providing you with the answers that you need, and engaging with other local companies too to understand how they are tackling this situation where possible.

The suggestions they advise will be for you to implement as you wish, and they hope the time spent can give you the tools you need to thrive during the coming weeks and months. In terms of their credentials, they have a combined 75 years SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, CRO, Content and Digital training expertise – not to mention they are the #1 ranked business in their area for their target keyword phrases such as “SEO Northampton”.

If you would like to attend the Q&A, they ask for you to do the following:

  1. Email requesting a calendar invite, or simply send an email with your questions the day before. You will be emailed an answer during the 1-hour time slot. They will answer as many of these as they can do during the hour (and will confirm the order of questions to be answered the night before on social media)
  2. 2. They will also be running a live video Q&A, for those that wish to join please send your skype name and you will added to the call list.

    They look forward to hearing from you and look forward to working with you, to ensure your business remains strong during this crisis.

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