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Supporting Mental Health in your business

Posted: 20/02/19 by Es-sence Training Ltd

Supporting Mental Health in your business

We spend more 50% of our lives at work. That’s a long time. Great if you enjoy it.

If you are the owner, a line manager, a senior manager perhaps overseeing the finances, operations, commercial or maybe all and more, life can get somewhat stressful.

Then there are your employees. Maybe they have child care issues, relationship problems, elderly parents as well as their commitments to you in their work. If they are struggling to cope, this may be impacting on their work performance. No-one goes to work to do a bad job.

Identifying when someone needs support is key. It is natural that companies train to develop their staff into their roles. We put measures in place to ensure a safe working environment.

When those dynamics don’t work, you are left with sickness, absences and great staff who end up leaving the business.

Not to mention presenteeism. If you have someone starting earlier and finishing later than they should, is their workload too much? Could it be something else, perhaps externally in their personal lives?

Stress, anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of sickness absence. In the UK during 2016, according to the ONS, 15.8 billion work days were lost to sickness absence. The cost to business was £35 billion. Reduced productivity, absence, and replacing staff who left their jobs for mental health reasons certainly has an impact on employers.

How do you deal with this? The certain outcome is if you don’t it will have an impact on your business.

Guidance is available and Es-sence Training can assist you, enabling you to set up process’, support structure and carry on with the everyday business, safe in the knowledge that if you need the systems of support, it’s there.

Below are a few questions to ask the business to get this conversation started.

Just how healthy is your workplace right now?

  • Do you have high absences related to mental health?
  • How are mental health related absence managed in practice?
  • What policies and procedures are in place?
  • What support is available to your employees?
  • Are employees aware of any support available?
  • How often is it accessed?
  • Is support offered proactively and early, engaging before the person goes off sick?

Following research Mind found that more than half of employers would like to do more to improve staff wellbeing but didn’t know where to turn for guidance and training.

27% of employees believe that their organisation does not support those with mental health issues.

On the other hand, 3 in 5 board members think their organisation does very well in supporting employees with these issues.

There’s a gap between the reality and the belief.

Employees should know who to go to. They should be comfortable talking to their line manager. Are you confident that your line managers could support a struggling employee with their mental health, and conversely are your managers confident dealing with such issues?

In recent days, Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA England), have released guidance for employers and employees as to how the issues can be addressed.

‘A healthy workplace is one where employees and managers work together to protect and promote their health, safety and wellbeing and the sustainability of the business’ (World Health Organisation).

Health and Safety is a phrase that we are all familiar with. It has become a firm pillar of our workplaces. We use it to define our methods, our responsibilities in keeping our staff safe from harm. When someone is suffering from mental ill health, this adds a new dynamic to their safety and wellbeing in the workplace.

As an instructor of Mental Health First Aid, Es-sence Training will provide training to your staff as MH First Aiders, as well as signposting you to adopting good Mental Health wellbeing practices in-house.

Find out more about our 2-day Mental Health First Aid course running at the Jury’s Inn hotel at Milton Keynes on the 13th and 14th May 2019.

The course fee includes:

  • Quality training manuals for delegates to keep
  • Refreshments
  • Working lunches

*Fee shown on site is inclusive of tax:

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As an open course it is ideal for companies who cannot release large staff numbers at once to attend a course, it is also perfect for smaller companies who require just one or two to attend. As an individual with an interest in implementing MHFA to a social group this would also be a great solution.

Alternatively give us a call to discuss how we can train staff on your premises. Call me, Sarah Hetherington on 07983 758290 or email

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