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Spotlight on Niamh Philp, Para planner

Posted: 25/09/20 by Fortitude Financial Planning

Fortitude’s team brings an enviable amount of knowhow and a broad range of professional qualifications to the table. They’ve never added together all those years of service because it would probably make them feel very old, but as a team they can offer several decades of practical knowledge and experience.

So, they’re spotlighting today their Para planner, Niamh.

“Hello Niamh! Let’s start with a challenge: describe in three words the kind of work you do.”
“Analysis, Reporting, Understanding. Clear and simple.”

“Very decisive, we like it. What’s been your proudest moment at Fortitude Financial Planning to date?”
“When we won the South Northants Business of the Year award. The presenter spoke about a business that was leading the way for Financial Planning, which was so wonderful to hear. It was great to receive the award, not just for us but also our clients.”

“That does sound like a really wonderful moment. So what keeps you smiling at work every day?”
“Definitely our team – what a great bunch of people to work with.”

“And what keeps you busy when you’re not working?”
“Family and our bouncy new puppy Murphy.”

“A puppy! Perhaps he should visit the office sometime. Now speaking of puppies, let’s keep up the positivity. Who is your hero and why?”
“I don’t have a particular person in mind, but I really admire those that against adversity remain positive, compassionate and grateful.”

“Tell us the quote or phrase that goes through life with you.”
“What’s right for you won’t pass you by.”

“It’s solid advice. Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?”
“I really enjoyed visiting San Francisco and in particular Alcatraz. Having seen it so many times on TV it was surreal to be walking around the prison and actually being allowed to walk into the solitary confinement cells. Definitely a ‘must do’ if you venture to that part of the world.”

“We’ll be sure to put it on our list. Finally, if you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?”
“Not to worry so much – and to really live in the moment.”

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