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Sportive Cycle Coaching to help cyclists prepare for Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity fundraising cycling events

Posted: 31/01/19 by Sportive Cycle Coaching

​Sportive Cycle Coaching is very pleased to announce that they will be working with the Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity, to provide preparation and training tips to volunteers raising funds for them through cycling.

This service will also contain advice from two other Northamptonshire businesses - Keto Fitness Club and Sollus Osteopathy - because Sportive believes that fitness, nutrition and the physical body are intrinsically linked. The physical health of every human being is a combination of these factors and they need to be in balance with each other, if you want to perform at your best during your fundraising rides

Don’t worry though or think that you need to be an elite athlete of some sorts to benefit from their help. You don’t! They know that getting fitter can be hard. And they know that changing a diet isn’t easy. And that know that exercise can hurt where it shouldn’t!

Sportive Cycle Coaching are normal Northamptonshire folks, just like you and they know they can help you succeed with your cycling challenges for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

Over the coming months, they will be providing advice for cyclists to help them prepare for the annual Cycle4Cyntia ride ( or take on one of the multi-day events (

Stay tuned for more updates - through the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, through the events team at the Cynthia Spencer Hospice and via social media of all forms!

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