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Spokes Education are expanding!

Posted: 21/12/18 by Spokes Education

Over the last 6-12 months, Spokes Education have been busy expanding their business! This has included:

- Moving in to a purpose built office at The Royal Ordnance Depot in Weedon
- Employing a full time Learning Technologist
- Contracting a Digital Marketing Consultant
- Developing a new website and other collateral including promotional materials and accessibility guidelines
- Exhibiting at trade shows
- Creating a social business plan
- Developing our partner network

As part of their social plan, all of these activities have involved working with other local businesses across Northamptonshire. This is something they are committed to continue where possible, whether that is through strategic partnerships, or the purchasing of services and products and as a result, recently joined the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce!

For more information on Spokes Education, or to discuss partnership opportunities, visit

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