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Secure future for local business thanks to University collaboration

Posted: 12/11/19 by The University of Northampton

Secure future for local business thanks to University collaboration

From Superbugs to Cybercrime, a local wet wipe manufacturer has cleaned up, thanks to a collaboration with the University of Northampton.

There are several million cases of computer misuse and cyber-related crimes reported to the police each year, companies are wising up to this crime trend and becoming more proactive with their cyber security and risk mitigation of the loss of business-critical IT systems. Corby based Pluswipes, which specialises in infection control products, signed up for the University’s Business Innovation Grant, (BIG) Ideas scheme to help them develop their cyber resilience and risk management.

The University’s BIG Ideas scheme enables businesses across Northamptonshire to work with the institution’s academics, students and facilities, to the value of £5,000, with the aim of developing solutions to business challenges, gaining valuable insights or generally with business development.

Pluswipes manufacture products for a range of uses, including Healthcare supplies, so protecting the integrity of the products was important for HR Director Tanya Teasdale Brown. Speaking about the collaboration, she said: “Digital transformation within our business means that cybersecurity and resilience to cyber criminals must be developed for all sectors of the business. I was keen to work with experts from the University of Northampton to examine the potential areas of vulnerability within our business and address them.”

Mils Hills, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at the University of Northampton, said: “Cyber security needn’t be a daunting challenge for business owners, which is why the University team were delighted to work with Pluswipes. We worked with them to examine their policies and processes, their staff in terms of culture, training and existing knowledge, and the extent to which the company is technically secure, based on our commercial knowledge.”

Louise Atkinson, Senior Lecturer in Business at the University of Northampton said: “Cybersecurity and business continuity of IT systems is a shared responsibility, with all business areas having vital input, to create a secure corporate network. Our collaboration with Pluswipes saw us undertake an analysis, which highlighted where the company had made great efforts in their cyber security and risk mitigation, as well as some areas where our expertise could strengthen their cyber resilience. Some of these suggestions were very simple, low cost, high impact initiatives, which support risk reduction in areas cyber criminals target.”

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