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Retailers of Northampton – We Need You

Posted: 08/12/20 by ID Card Centre Ltd

Retailers of Northampton – We Need You

Earlier this year, we acquired Reward-It Ltd, a company that specialises in gift card systems and loyalty solutions.

Now, we need the retailers of Northampton to help us out – we want to hear from you about how 2020 has impacted your business.

We know your time is precious, so in exchange for 5 minutes of your time, we’re offering you:

  • The chance to win a year’s free subscription to our loyalty system and 100 cards printed with your unique design to help boost your 2021 sales

  • The option of having your name and wisdom printed in a news release that we will send out to editors interested in retailing (editors are free to choose which information they publish)

  • The opportunity to be mentioned on our online blog next to a backlink to your website, which will boost your online traffic

  • A copy of our report on the survey results which will provide helpful market intelligence so you can refine your business plan
  • Or if you’d prefer, you can answer our questions anonymously.

    Interested? You can take part in our survey here.

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