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Repair Not Replace - Expanding

Posted: 11/07/19 by Repair Not Replace- The Phone Paramedics

Local mobile phone and repair company, Repair Not Replace - The Phone Paramedics have added some extra services turning them into a full recycling and repairing company. Launching very shortly, Repair Not Replace will be buying working and broken mobile phones from local businesses as well as from individuals, with their we come to you service, and they are able to refurbish them and then sell them online to other customers with a full 12 month, we come to you warranty, breathing new life into phones that are stuck in desk drawers or on shelves not being used.

Mark Jones, Director, said: “The resources needed to make a mobile phone are considerable, and the planet cannot keep up with the resources needed for our appetite for them. By refurbishing them, we are able to get it back into the hands of someone else. Great for the planet but also great for anyone who wants to replace their phones for a fraction of the cost of a new one. We have already been out to local business Marren Microwave in Earls Barton and turned their phones back into cash for them and we have saved the rest. Even the ones we cannot save, we break up and send the parts away for them to be re used back into mobile phones. Why pay over £1,500 for a brand new mobile phone when you can get one for so much less and being good at the same time, its a win win scenario.”

Manuel Stoia, Senior Technician comments: “There is a great satisfaction in turning a completely dead mobile phone into a working one. It can be something simple like a small new part, or more complicated, like when I have to solder fuses to the motherboard. But a few hours work and a few parts means we save these resources and delight someone new.”

As Repair Not Replace already have their mobile repair service, any issues in the 12 months, means customers can receive a visit at their home or work, adding another advantage, why your next phone or tablet should come from Repair Not Replace. You can sell your phone or tablet or buy one or to book a repair by visiting the website

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