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Powers to transfer closure of WNDC

Posted: 11/11/13 by West Northamptonshire Council

Plans for Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council to take responsibility for a number of on-going regeneration and redevelopment projects in the Northampton area will be discussed at a meeting this week.

The two authorities will each take forward work started by WNDC (West Northants Development Corporation) on a number of major projects when WNDC closes on 31 March 2014. They will also take responsibility for assets integral to the completion of key projects, for example land at Avon/Nunn Mills and St Peter’s Waterside.

Northampton Borough Council will take on all WNDC assets within the borough apart from the disused railway line at Southbridge, which will be owned by Northamptonshire County Council. The Borough Council will lead on a number of major projects including St Peter’s Waterside, development on the land owned by National Grid and the further phases of regeneration at Northampton Railway Station.

Northamptonshire County Council will take on responsibility for the construction of the new Northampton Castle Railway Station and will work alongside the Borough Council to identify and value other land and assets held by WNDC.

The transfer will bring local powers back into the hands of local politicians, who are accountable to local people and will demonstrate commitment to the completion of all outstanding regeneration projects.

Cllr David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council, welcomed the transfer of powers.

“When WNDC closes, their powers will move back into the people who are democratically elected to represent local people and who should be responsible for making significant local decisions.

“We have shown that we are driving Northampton forward and will be able to work closely with private investors to bring these plans for the town to fruition.

“And we are totally committed to taking forward an ambitious programme of regeneration to develop employment opportunities in Northampton, not least in the Waterside Enterprise Zone. This transfer will ensure an even greater local democratic input in the future and give us greater powers over regeneration in our town.”

Leader of Northamptonshire County Council, Jim Harker, said: “Both the county and borough council have a very strong record in delivering key regeneration and infrastructure projects and these new arrangements will make sure we are in the best possible position to drive forward the further regeneration of our county town.

“This regeneration with the economic growth and employment opportunities it brings will not only bring benefits to Northampton itself but clearly to the wider economy across the county.”

The transfer will be discussed at Northamptonshire County Council’s Cabinet meeting on November 12, and Northampton Borough Council’s meeting on November 13.

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