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West Northamptonshire Council

Northampton gets superfast 4G mobile services

Posted: 05/12/13 by West Northamptonshire Council

Northampton Borough Council has welcomed the switch on of cutting edge 4G mobile services from mobile network EE in Northampton, making the town amongst the most connected places in Europe.

Superfast 4G mobile services – also known as LTE - are on average five times faster than 3G services and are expected to make the area even more attractive for local residents and businesses, enabling them to do more on their smartphones and tablets while on the move. EE, which also runs the Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK, is currently the only mobile operator in the UK offering superfast 4G mobile.

Independent research has found that 4G is likely to drive economic growth locally by improving business productivity and helping businesses increase mobile-commerce, while also allowing residents to quickly and easily access social network sites, stream TV and music, and access government, banking, shopping and other online services on the go.

Councillor David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council said: “Northampton is Alive with innovation and the arrival of 4G mobile services is set to be a major boost for our town. Residents and businesses will soon be able to take advantage of the latest generation of mobile technology. More than ever people are using mobile phones and tablets for work and pleasure, and I am delighted to see our town will soon be one of the best connected areas in the UK.”

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, said: “I’m delighted that 4G is arriving in Northampton, and am looking forward to seeing it make a big difference for residents and businesses in the area. 4G will change the way that people use their smartphones, tablets and mobile Wi-Fi, both for work and for pleasure.”

4G mobile from EE is now available in 160 towns and cities across the UK by Christmas 2013, and EE is aiming for 98% of the population to be covered by the end of 2014.

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