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Northampton digital marketing agency release revolutionary WordPress plugin

Posted: 14/09/20 by Onefoursix Ltd

Northampton digital marketing agency release revolutionary WordPress plugin

Northampton-based digital marketing agency onefoursix have released a revolutionary custom dashboard plugin for WordPress users.

WP Panel has been designed to give WordPress agencies and developers the ability to white-label key areas of the WordPress dashboard, and to vastly improve the user’s experience.

Dave Williams, founder of WP Panel said: “Over two years ago we decided that the WordPress dashboard and UX was pretty poor. It offered nothing to users and so we designed a plugin to change it.

“The plugin was developed over the lockdown period and has had fantastic feedback so far from our testers. I hand-picked some of the best developers in the area to test WP Panel and I’ve been blown away with how positive the reaction has been.”

The plugin is aimed at WordPress agencies / developers; however, it will improve the UX for organisations with multiple users and will allow you to control more / less elements of the dashboard.

Onefoursix recently carried out a survey to WordPress users that revealed some interesting stats which helped shape WP Panel; 76.9% of users felt that the introduction of how-to videos would be useful, 84.6% of users said they’d like to see google analytic stats in the dashboard, and over 80% said they have struggled with the WordPress dashboard in the past.

Dave continued: “Our WordPress plugin is a gamechanger for web agencies and designers. The dashboard was created to completely transform the backend of WordPress and improve user experience.

“WP Panel gives users the ability to easily and quickly change large parts of the WordPress dashboard; enabling you to create a white-labelled admin area.

“Users are also able to see their Google Analytics and all contact form entries within their dashboard, making WordPress more like a dashboard than ever before.”

Just a few of the features include a bespoke WordPress dashboard integrated with Google Analytics, a dedicated settings area, how-to videos, and a custom CSS panel. Three plans have been designed to suit each individual agency needs, with an option to unlock advanced features if you wish.

Licence options include agency and lifetime licences, plus a single user licence is available for individual organisations who are looking to vastly improve the user experience of WordPress.

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