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Northampton Business Woman to change the face of Customer Service

Posted: 04/12/18 by LJM Associates Limited

A business woman from Northampton has invested more than £25,000 of her own money into creating a system that enables customers to tell businesses exactly what they think of them.

Lindsey Marriott, who spent 18 months building the Reap Network system, comes from a retail background and has worked for some big brands to help them improve their customer’s experiences. She noticed that companies would frequently carry out customer surveys but only use the data to benchmark against their competitors or as part of a ‘box ticking exercise’.

“I wanted to create something that genuinely helps businesses to improve and customers to be heard,” said Lindsey.“Working in the corporate world, I would get so frustrated by the amount of money being spent on customer surveys that didn’t give us information we could actually use or that fed through to other areas of the business. For example, if you take on a new sales person and customer feedback tells you there is a lack of communication during the sales process, this needs to be passed on to HR so training can be arranged or performance reviewed. It can also really help in identifying if a particular investment has been worth the money – e.g a new piece of equipment, training course or employee. This would benefit both the business and the customer.”

The system, which was unveiled at the Northamptonshire Business Expo on Thursday 22nd November, was called Reap Network as it harvests data that can be digested to be a source of growth for a business. The system can be tailored and branded with a company’s logo and a package built that is bespoke to the business. Data then comes through live as people complete the surveys and can be segmented using a dashboard to ensure all customer types are considered when delivering services or researching new products.

“I like to think of it as having your customers with you in your boardroom every day to bounce ideas off and ask questions you really want to know the answers to,” adds Lindsey. “It also shows the impact of employee engagement on customer satisfaction and enables all areas of the business to fix issues or wrinkles in customer service before they become bigger problems.

“I am beyond excited to see the result of something I feel so passionate about becoming a reality.”

To find out more and see a demo, visit or contact Lindsey on or 01604 212734.

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