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New FREE Chamber Webinar

Posted: 01/06/18 by EasyWeb Group

​Chamber members EasyWeb Group and Blue Grape Talent have teamed up together to carry out a Webinar on

‘Re-Inventing Performance Management for the 21st Century’

EasyWeb Group run 100s of FREE webinars and workshops every year including guest webinars with industry experts. On Wednesday 20th June Rhiannon Stafford will be talking about Re-Inventing Performance Management for the 21st Century.

Companies worldwide are questioning their current performance management systems; full of forced-ranking, heavy on paperwork for HR, rigid rating systems and once-a-year appraisal processes. How can your performance management system help drive business performance?

In this interactive webinar, Rhiannon Stafford will cover:

  • How did we get to this point?
  • What’s the new thinking?
  • In a nutshell…
  • Getting the ball rolling…

Further information and to register can be found at:

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