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New Focus on Recruitment in Northamptonshire

Posted: 18/02/21 by SBS Recruitment

New Focus on Recruitment in Northamptonshire

A brand new Recruitment Consultancy has opened up in Northamptonshire that aims to bring a sharper focus to finding the ideal candidates for roles - SBS Recruitment.

Neil Chambers, Managing Director, said: “I’ve found that too often job descriptions are put together that haven’t been given the right consideration. It’s not that they’ve been put together thoughtlessly, but it’s that we all interpret things differently. The same job title can be used for a variety of differing roles, so it’s vital to really get to the heart of what the requirements are.”

SBS Recruitment works very closely with all its clients to fully understand exact role requirements and expectations. Even more than this, there’s always an exploration of the culture of the business as well.

Neil added: “We spend a huge proportion of our week at work. If people don’t enjoy the role, whether that’s because it wasn’t what they were expecting, or they don’t like the general environment, they’re likely to want to move on. That can be very costly for a business. That’s why we make it a priority to truly understand the needs of both the business and prospective candidates to match the right people to the right role.”

Neil Chambers has a Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice and 25 years’ experience of working across retail, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and facilities management. All that has given him a wealth of skills to help understand what is needed to find the ideal candidate and carve out the exact role requirements.

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