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Meet ID Card Centre’s new digital marketing apprentice, Ciaran Walsh

Posted: 10/01/19 by ID Card Centre Ltd

This is Ciaran, ID Card Centre’s new digital marketing apprentice! Ciaran joins William in working towards his digital marketing qualification and contributing to ID Card Centre’s social media presence. Much of Ciaran’s work, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is behind the scenes, but it’s in no way unimportant! He’s working hard to make sure their website and online performance is optimised, constantly monitoring the site and creating detailed reports. Ciaran is also responsible for adding new products and information to the website, as well as heading up their presence on LinkedIn with extensive knowledge of the platform. In addition to all of this, Ciaran can also be found in the ID card printing bureau, managing print jobs from beginning to end. In the bureau, he works closely with William to make sure that all printed cards are tip-top quality before being sent out to you! He also joins William in being an Arsenal fan!

When Ciaran isn’t sat behind his computer doing web work, chances are you’ll find him at the gym, where he spends lots of his time. He also enjoys spending time with family, playing videogames or board games, and going out for meals with his girlfriend. He likes spending quality time with his pets, too - three cats and a tortoise! Ciaran’s other interests include fashion (mainly shoes) and web design. He’s currently working on his own website in his spare time, flexing and refining his web skills further ready for work!

ID Card Centre gives Ciaran a warm welcome to the team, and they’re excited to see their website continue to grow!

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