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ListersGEO engineer meets rotarians

Posted: 24/11/17 by Listers Geotechnical Consultants Ltd

ListersGEO newest engineer Adam Jones was invited to speak at the meeting of Lutterworth Rotary Club this month about the work that Listers Geo undertakes, and the role of Geologists in Society in general.

Members were interested to hear of the impact that inadequate Site Investigation can have on projects with one third of construction projects being delayed due to ground problems, and half of over tender costs being related to inadequate site investigation.

Adam responded to MP Ian Duncan Smith’s comment in 2013 of “Who is more important, the geologist, or the person who stacked the shelves?” by explaining the key role that Geologists and Geotechnical Engineers play in finding fertilisers, metal ores, fuel and providing a sound understanding of the ground to facilitate a wide range of engineering projects.

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