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LEPs must help deliver growth for UK

Posted: 13/12/10 by Northamptonshire Chamber

Commenting on the publication of a report by a Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee into Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) “The New Local Enterprise Partnerships: An Initial Assessment”, Paul Griffiths, chief executive of Northamptonshire Chamber, said:

“LEPs must allow the country to focus on private-sector growth and provide real support for businesses. The assessment delivered by BIS echoes the sentiments held by Chambers of Commerce up and down the country: that LEPs must shine a spotlight on enterprise to stimulate new business start-ups and help existing companies grow.

“To ensure this becomes a reality, LEPs will need small amounts of funding to help them assess the local labour market and identify the growth businesses in their areas. In addition, they will need to have real powers to tackle the problems of skills, planning and transport faced by businesses.

“While there are concerns about the process, the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensuring that the voice of business is heard. So we welcome the Select Committee’s pledge to follow LEPs’ performance over the next eighteen months, which will help to ensure business is getting the support it needs.”

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