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Invu Launches new Invu for SharePoint product

Posted: 13/05/10 by Invu Services Limited

Invu PLC, one of the UK’s foremost document management companies and a Microsoft Gold Partner, announces the availability of Invu for SharePoint, a new addition to the Invu product set which is targeted at businesses utilising SharePoint. It builds on the existing Invu Document Management product and integrates with both Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and the new SharePoint 2010 editions.

Invu Document Management provides a secure and auditable document management capability. It addresses the management issues many businesses face when dealing with high volumes of content, especially if trapped within paper documentation. Gaining a 360° view of a project, for example, a client’s affairs or supplier’s history becomes possible with Invu Document Management when documents are no longer silo-ed and held in physical files.

SharePoint delivers as the de facto collaboration platform of choice for increasingly large numbers of businesses. Invu for SharePoint brings Invu’s capture, management and discovery capabilities together with SharePoint collaboration for wider business visibility and corporate awareness.

Invu for SharePoint forms an important step in Invu’s SharePoint product strategy and will be developed in line with market appetite. Colin Gallick, Invu CEO, commented: "As we have engaged increasingly with mid market prospects and customers, we’ve listened to what they have told us and created Invu for SharePoint.

"With SharePoint adoption growing strongly, the addition of this product to our portfolio presents an exciting opportunity for Invu. We look forward to delivering more with SharePoint as we develop products to fit the needs of mid market businesses."

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