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In uncertain times, high-quality businesses invest in their people

Posted: 07/11/19 by Competitive Edge Training & Consultancy

In uncertain times, high-quality businesses invest in their people

Last week, Competitive Edge welcomed a group of business leaders from #RedBrain, an organisation that helps businesses reach out to more customers through intelligent online shopping platforms. The delegates completed module one of their Leadership Development Programme with further modules to be delivered over the course of the next 12 months. This is an exciting investment that #RedBrain is making in its leadership capability.

UK media is currently saturated with news around Brexit and a potentially uncertain economic backdrop, and in these circumstances, businesses sometimes hold back from investments in developing their people. This appears counter-intuitive to us, given that if business conditions are going to be tougher, that’s precisely the time you need your people to be at the top of their game, performing to a higher level and delivering a competitive edge in your marketplace.

The #RedBrain leaders on our programme are integral to the success of their business and together we have started the journey of personal development, leading to both personal and business performance improvement. Core focus areas in module one has included self-awareness, emotional intelligence, perceptions of behaviour and personal impact on others. We’ve had enjoyable and challenging discussions supported by experiential learning activities to stimulate thinking and inspire behaviour change. The leaders have been outstanding in their engagement and contributions, challenging self and each other, creating a rich learning experience that will serve them well for the challenges they may have in the future. See their photos attached with this news item.

There are some key questions business leaders should be asking themselves;

· Are your people delivering what you need from them today and tomorrow?

· How are you preparing them for the challenges ahead?

· How will your people help you to gain your competitive edge?

In uncertain times, it is vital that business leaders invest in their people and those that do will see it pay dividends in the long-term.

Congratulations to #RedBrain for investing in their leaders, for their vision and for staying true to their values of people development.

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