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How Hope are continuing through Covid-19

Posted: 24/03/20 by Hope Centre

The Northampton Hope Centre is continuing to provide services to those who are living on the streets and living in poverty across Northampton.They are currently offering meals through their Day Centre as take-aways and are continuing their Food Club service, delivering food aid to the poorest communities in Northampton.

As the Crisis escalates they will have to change how they deliver the services they offer and this is where they hope YOU CAN HELP…

  1. They are trying to identify spaces in hotels where, should we go to the full lock down stage in this current crisis, they can house the homeless of Northampton and keep them safe.
  2. If your canteen is shutting and you have food that will go to waste please donate it. email
  3. Donate to their crisis funding page:
  4. If you are a hotel and have any spare capacity within your hotel and would be willing to talk to them about the possibility of working with them to provide a safe place for the homeless during lock down, please get in touch with Louise on 07826 638842.

Hope has been supported massively over the years by the Northampton business community, they thank you for then and thank you now for helping those in desperate need during this crisis.

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