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Fund set up to help those affected by the Westminster terrorist attack.

Posted: 23/03/17 by CJS (UK Management) Limited

Kevin Shapland is a former Metropolitan police officer who set up an events company called CJS (UK Management) Limited in 2002, has set up a fund to help those affected by the Westminster terrorist attack.

In response to yesterday’s attack in London, CJS has launched a fundraising appeal to raise £10,000 for the families of those killed and injured.

He said: “I know that nothing can console those affected by this terrible terrorist attack.

“However, we can look to put in place support for the victims and their families as they eventually come to terms with what has happened and provide some financial support where required.

“Any money raised through this crowdfunding will be disbursed as quickly as possible via an appropriate organisation which can oversee that it is used in the best manner.

“Our thoughts remain with the victims and their families. We must not let them be forgotten.”

Kevin will be talking about the fund on BBC Radio Northampton’s Drivetime programme at 5.10pm today (Thursday, March 23).

To donate to the fund visit

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