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Free energy evaluation for all Northamptonshire businesses

Posted: 13/10/16 by Utility Bidder Limited

A service which is designed to ensure customers get the best gas and electricity tariffs on their business energy is offering Northamptonshire businesses a tailored energy evaluation.

Utility Bidder Limited, of Corby, is offering a consultative insight into energy spend, ways to save time and money along with ideas of how to reduce energy consumption.

A spokesman for the company said: “We have noticed from working with businesses for many years that bills and rates can be difficult to digest and there is limited desire to tackle businesses energy head on so we want to offer Northamptonshire businesses a consultative insight into energy spend.

“There are two sides to the energy coin - reducing the amount of energy we are using and saving money to ensure we maintain our bottom line.

“It is important that these elements are highlighted and the tools of change are offered to the business community of Northamptonshire.

“Our area of expertise is saving money on commercial gas and electricity agreements. With extensive industry knowledge we have the ability to complete a remote audit of the energy spend by analysing statements and making suggestions of how money can be saved.

“We would like to see Northamptonshire businesses lead the way in reducing energy spend and usage, paving the way for other businesses across the UK.”

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