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Forest Bathing

Posted: 28/05/21 by Wildflowers

Forest Bathing

Hello Lovely you!...Time to get forest bathing!

Spending time in the forests heals on so many levels. It’s so therapeutic for the body, mind and soul.

Just one hour walking in a forest can support us in alleviating grief, resolving past trauma, relieving stress and gives intuitive insight to guide us through life positively.

The simple presence of trees, their beauty, the peace they create in their environment, their innate ability to help us breathe deeper and slower, their age and their wisdom are all part of their healing powers.

And they’re not just a source of solace and refuge, beauty and protection. They are also the origin of numerous important medicines that have been used since the beginning of time for their uplifting cleansing and calming properties.

Some of these medicines have a long history of use as incense for purification, some can be used in aromatic baths, some are made into teas and tinctures for anti anxiety functions and all are pleasing to the senses, nourishing to the heart and supportive of our spiritual growth.

Next time you take your vitamins, or go walking somewhere beautiful…close your eyes and connect. I guarantee you will feel the healing effects so much stronger.

I know what I am doing this weekend…

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