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Direct Mail Service Ltd moves to new headquarters

Posted: 29/09/17 by Direct Mail Services Ltd

Direct Mail Service Ltd has moved its headquarters from Wellingborough to Corby and unveiled its new logo.

The established mailing house, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is now based at Corby Innovation Hub in Bangrave Road, Corby.

Managing director Phil Hutchinson said: “Our new premises are very smart and offer us the facilities that we need such as meeting rooms as and when we want them.

“They offer us better road access to major routes such as the A14 and the A43 which makes it easier for our clients to visit us and for deliveries.

“We were also keen to move so we could access the Corby workforce as we are in the process of recruiting new staff to join a number of our teams.

“In addition this month we have unveiled our new logo to reflect our work with Parker Molyneux. These are exciting times for our company.”

Direct Mail Services provides a wide range of services that offer the flexibility to provide custom mailings, same day production and the best advice to makes its clients’ campaigns a success.

It also specialises in providing quality mailing services for SMEs and its processes enable it to deal efficiently with smaller mailings without charging disproportionate set up costs.


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