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Demand for vegan product range soars at Central Foods

Posted: 14/01/20 by Central Foods Ltd

Demand for vegan product range soars at Central Foods

As Veganuary 2020 gets underway, Central Foods has revealed details of the rising popularity of its plant-based items for food service.

Vegan lines at the frozen food distributor grew 24% in 2019 over the previous year. Some 28% of its total sales last year were on vegan products – marking a significant increase in demand for vegan friendly items.

MD Gordon Lauder said: “Central Foods supplies more than 400 product lines to the food service sector but increasingly we’ve seen a growth in demand for free-from items, including meat and dairy-free vegan products.

“Our vegan friendly ranges include superb desserts, mouth-watering snacks, main courses, breads, gyoza, American pancakes, burgers, sausages, sausage rolls, vegipieces, vegemince and much more – making it easy for food service professionals to cater for the increasing number of customers who are cutting out or reducing their meat intake.

“Veganuary is the perfect opportunity for us to take a look at how the vegan sector in food service has grown, and we are very proud of the large range of vegan products that we now supply to our food service customers.”

Veganuary is an annual event to encourage people to try a vegan diet in January and beyond. For more details visit

Take a look at the extensive vegan range offered by Central Foods here

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