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Della Judd is on a mission to impact 1bn lives through unique ‘Pay it Forward’ book launch

Posted: 28/11/19 by Della Judd Ltd

Della Judd is on a mission to impact 1bn lives through unique ‘Pay it Forward’ book launch

A Chamber member is taking part in a global book launch with 18 other women in a world first – encouraging readers to buy the book, and then pass it on – in order to reach one billion women and send a ‘ripple of hope’ around the world.

DELLA JUDD, a COACH AND CULTURE CHANGE CONSULTANT has joined forces as part of a growing global movement called the Women of Contribution, to launch the second volume of a book entitled ‘The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self – Vol 3”.

The book shares pivotal moments from eighteen women including DELLA JUDD from the Women of Contribution movement as they write back to their younger selves sharing an experience that changed their lives, and passing on hope, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration as a reminder that even darkest moments can be seen as a guiding light.

In a first, the authors are encouraging readers to purchase the book, and then to follow the ‘pay it forward’ principle; once the book has been read then that person pays it forward to other women: whether that is family, friends or even complete strangers.

They are asked to complete the message box at the front of the book before passing in on, whether it’s leaving on a train or bus, or simply handing it to a friend or family member.

Their hope, by doing that is that a billion lives will be touched, and many women will feel inspired and find a ray of hope, not only through paying the book forward but supporting their chosen charity which is “One Woman” a global social enterprise on a mission to help women and girls around the globe live their dreams and reach their full potential through education and entrepreneurship.

DELLA JUDD, one of 18 authors featured in the book says: “Sharing my story in the book has taken me way out of my comfort zone, but as I wrote I could really start to unlock the past and see where my inspiration to do what I do has come from. During the process I could see that the reason I coach, train, mentor and influence the way we work, in my business has all come directly from those experiences in the past. Whilst those experiences, which we all have, feel difficult at the time, in fact they shape us to become who we are today.

My aim is to show that even the simplest thing like sharing your story can make a massive difference to others.”

The book is available on Kindle for a low price in March 2020 and the paperback version will be launching on 13th March 2020, with a book launch event at the Wotten House Hotel, Dorking, UK from 7.30pm.

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