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Crushing Cancer at Northants Flooring ltd

Posted: 16/05/18 by Northants Flooring Ltd

A team from Northants Flooring are preparing to embark on a four day 1,800 mile trip in £500 cars to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The Crush Cancer Not Cars trip will take the team from the UK to France, Belgium and Germany, including a lap of the Nürburgring, down into Italy, up through Switzerland and back up through France.

Business development manager Luke Emery said: “Each team has £500 to spend on modifications - not a penny more - in the hope we all make the trip. All the cars are kept secret until the day we leave where every team will find out what cars we all have.

“We have set up an Instagram page, and would love to hear from anyone who wants their name on the cars or even just wants to sponsor us! Over 80,000 people could be watching!

“We would love to hear from people who can help us raise awareness and give us a hand to raise more money for the charity.”

To find out more about the fundraiser visit

Below are the associated drivers and Instagram accounts :-

Car 1, Team Tight. Luke Emery & Mike Hodder (Northampton)

Car 2, Team Turbo Sheds. Mark Webber & Paul Sheridan (Folkstone)

Car 3, Team Enhancement. Martin Pepin & Mark Watkins (Northampton)

Car 4, Team Batman’s Beer holders. Paul Wood & Thomas Parkinson (Up North)

Car 5, Team Gingernuts. Tom Clarke & Russell Dack (Milton Keynes)

Car 6, Team Ohdeere, Julian Pearcey (Crediton in Exeter)

To find out more about Northants Flooring Ltd call 01604 552801 or visit

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