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Complying with employment law - could it be easier?

Posted: 22/10/18 by Quest

Employment law raises its head from the moment of recruitment, during employment and through to you and your employee parting company.

Throughout the time that your employee is with you, you will have issued a contract to them, worked out their salary and holidays, provided training and monitored performance. Not to mention providing welfare facilities and ensuring that they have a safe environment to work in.

Then there is the odd grievance to deal with, equality and discrimination and then you need to let someone go and so the recruitment procedure starts again.

Added to which you are in business to make a profit, well hopefully, but keeping up with the latest legislation, keeping records of your employee’s time off, sending correspondence to them etc etc just eats into the time you have to run your business. It can be never ending.

This year, for instance, sees the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which will have a great impact on employer’s obligations under the regulations when dealing with employee data. How will you comply with this new regulation?

You at least, as a Chamber member, have excellent support with ChamberHR, ChamberH&S, ChamberLegal and ChamberTax where you can access the document libraries and get unlimited advice from experts when you need it.

If only it was easier though! If there was a system to store all information about the employee in one place and automatically populate documents that are downloaded from the libraries with their information. It could save time, ensure records are kept compliantly and provide an audit trail.

Well there is!

Quest who provide ChamberHR, ChamberH&S, ChamberLegal and ChamberTax have launched Quest Office, a revolutionary new HR management software platform which contains an exciting new range of online services. It is the most significant service development for many years.

An integrated Employee Management System (EMS) allows management of employee sickness, holidays, employee records, performance and more. With AdminLite you can automatically populate and build documents (from the document libraries) with the stored employee data, in EMS.

So yes, it could be easier. As valued members of the Chamber, Quest Office is available to members at exclusive rates – contact Quest or your Chamber for more information.

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