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CML rebrands as Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth

Posted: 21/09/20 by Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth Limited

On Friday, 31 July 2020, Core Management Logistics (CML) is completing its rebranding process after the acquisition by the Rhenus Group in January 2019. During the initial transition period, CML already acted as an official member of the Rhenus Group and will now fully rebrand as Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth.

The core competencies, service quality and the employees will all remain the same, but become part of the international family-owned Rhenus Group with 750 locations worldwide, 33,000 employees and an annual turnover of 5.5 billion EUR.

As part of the rebranding, all interior and exterior signage will be switched to the new company name. Other marketing and merchandising items including the e-mail layout, phone messages and social media branding will be changed as well.

The event will be celebrated at each site and all employees will receive a Rhenus brand-pack containing Rhenus merchandise. Cakes and balloons, in traditional Rhenus blue and white colours, will complete the celebration.

Kerry Delaney, managing director at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth, says: “We are very proud and excited to now have fully transitioned to the Rhenus Logistics logo and be part of this global brand. As we have done for the last 30 years, we will continue to deliver the same great service to our customers. The only change is that now, we have opened up wider opportunities by becoming part of a global network of warehousing and transport solutions, bringing the latest innovation, technology and knowhow from within our industry.”

About Rhenus

The Rhenus Group is a leading logistics service provider with global business operations and an annual turnover of EUR 5.5 billion. Rhenus has business sites at 750 locations worldwide and employs 33,000 people. The Rhenus Group provides solutions for a wide variety of different sectors along the complete supply chain; they include multimodal transport operations, warehousing, customs clearance as well as innovative value-added services.


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