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Census 2021 - 21st March 2021

Posted: 27/01/21 by Northamptonshire Chamber

The next Census will take place on 21 March. The Census provides a snapshot of our society and responses to the questions help shape policy, allocate resources, plan services and monitor equality.

Advertisements on the TV and in newspapers will appear towards the end of February and a postcard will be delivered to everyone’s home reminding them that the Census is happening. An Information Pack explaining how to complete the Census form will be delivered in early March. All documents will be in English.

Some key information about completing the Census form

● The Census form can be completed online. Only one form per household is required. If you have employees who live in a shared house then one person can complete the form for everyone else, although it is possible for each person to ask for their own access code.

● If the Census form isn’t completed by or on 21 March, reminder postcards will be sent and a Census Field Officer may visit the home.

● Completing the Census form is a legal requirement and those who do not complete the form may face a fine of £1000.

What can you do to help your employees?

● One of the easiest ways is to display posters in prominent positions in communal areas

● Appoint a Census Champion who can help communicate Census information to co-workers.

FREE A4 posters, leaflets (both printed and digital for downloading from an intranet) are available in many languages from your local Census Engagement Manager, Gwen Rhys who will also be happy to liaise with your HR Department or your named Census Champion. Email Gwen or call her on 07452 934885.

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