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Community Projects by BushLife Africa Safaris (BLAS)

Posted: 07/05/19 by BushLife Africa Safaris

Community Projects by BushLife Africa Safaris (BLAS)


A week ago BushLife Africa Safaris (BLAS) embarked on a mission to Southern Africa on a site inspection tour. They are pleased to report that this was very successful in terms of broadening their knowledge as well as establishing important contacts with people from all walks of life within the safari tourism industry. In as much as BLAS is a safari tour operating company, they have a responsibility to change lives in all the areas they work in. Social responsibility is at the core of all that they do!

At BushLife Africa Safaris under their community banner - BLAS Community Projects - they understand and appreciate the importance of local people in their business. They value the well-being of the people and the animals in which they work. BLAS understand and acknowledge that without natural and cultural resources, the services and products they promote would not exist.

Away from the wildlife and luxury lodges where they were treated to exquisite fine-dining, they toured the local Masikili village in Mabale, Matebeleland North province in Hwange western Zimbabwe. It is the country’s second–least populous province, after Matebeleland South. This province is also the country’s least densely populated province which answers why there is an abundance of wildlife. This at times will result in human - wildlife conflict.

It was a tour to find out how best BLAS can play a role among vulnerable and most disadvantaged residents of this region who live in close with some of nature’s most dangerous wildlife.

Below are images with a captioned story giving you an idea of “the little things” that we can all contribute to society to change lives while preserving our wildlife for generations to come.

By choosing to book a holiday with BLAS, you’re helping to raise and uphold human and animal welfare standards across the travel industry.

To view more images of BLAS’ community tour, please visit their Facebook page at;

“BLAS….where the little things matter…..

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