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Borough Council to replace broken play equipment

Posted: 12/12/16 by West Northamptonshire Council

Northampton Borough Council has made provision for £100,000 to be invested in new play equipment in 2017/18.

Councillor Mike Hallam, cabinet member for environment, announced the intention to consider replacing damaged equipment last week and the recently published draft budget proposals confirm a renewed commitment to community play areas.

In recent years the Borough Council has been unable to replace equipment damaged beyond economic repair due to budget restrictions and has had no option but to remove broken equipment instead. However, the draft 2017/18 budget demonstrates that a new approach may not be far away.

Councillor Mike Hallam, cabinet member for environment, said: “I believe that safe, well-maintained play equipment is incredibly important to our local communities and has a key role to play in keeping our children fit and active. That’s why I am proposing the introduction of a policy that will ensure that play equipment in the Borough is replaced in a way that reflects local priorities and need.

“I’m delighted at the inclusion of a clear commitment in our draft budget for next year and I am keen to move as quickly as possible to develop a sustainable approach to replacing damaged items.”

The Council is looking to develop a fair system of allocation that will support a sustainable programme of repairs and replacements across the Borough, the detail of which is set to be discussed over the coming weeks.

The draft budget proposals will be discussed at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday 14 December. A public consultation is due to open on Thursday 15 December.

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