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Big Give Christmas Family Reunion Challenge

Posted: 30/11/17 by Enterprise Kettering

From 28 November to 5 December ALL DONATIONS made to the British Red Cross Christmas Family Reunion Challenge will be DOUBLED! A £25 donation will be worth £50. Donations can be matched up to £5,000 and need to be made at during the challenge.

The British Red Cross have a huge task - to raise £45,000 from midday 28 Nov - midday 5 Dec to unlock the £45,000 of ‘matched-funding.’ That is enough to reunite 85 families separated by conflict.

It may not be in the news every day, but we are all aware of the refugee crisis. So many families have been separated from their loved ones; mothers parted from their children; fathers leaving wives and children behind. So many people don’t know whether their loved ones are alive, or whether they will ever see them again. The Red Cross are working so hard to help, but they need support.

So please help! Register your interest and you will be sent an email during the live period to donate -

The British Red Cross refugee and family reunion staff are working so hard to re-unite so many loved ones. Just £300 can reunite a child with their parent and £1,200 can reunite an entire family. To witness parents and their children hug and kiss each other, when they thought they might never be able to do so again, is humbling and beautiful. This short video is one of many examples

Any support will enable more beautiful moments like these.

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