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Bambino Mio helps parents spread the cost of cloth with Klarna

Posted: 29/04/20 by Bambino Mio Ltd

Bambino Mio has taken a major step to improve its eCommerce experience by partnering with Klarna; giving customers the choice to delay payments or spread the cost of items over time on

Bambino Mio, the market leader in reusable nappies and associated products, believes that partnering with Klarna will revolutionise their payment experience for shoppers, encouraging more parents to try reusable nappies through offering a wider variety of interest-free payment choices.

Klarna’s popular Ppay later options include:

  • Pay later – Shoppers can pay 30 days after delivery
  • Pay in 3 – Shoppers can shop now and spread the cost into 3 easy monthly payments

Kai Page, ecommerce manager at Bambino Mio commented: “We sell to consumers across the world via eCommerce and we are thrilled to announce that we’ve introduced new ways to pay with Klarna. This is a fast and simple payment option that gives customers the choice to shop easily now and pay later. We hope that by offering this payment method it will present a comprehensive and tailored customer journey, ease financial pressure for parents and encourage more people to try reusable nappies.

Introducing Klarna’s popular payment options supports Bambino Mio’s mission to help increase awareness of reusable nappies and other environmentally friendly baby products over single-use plastic alternatives and make these eco options more accessible to parents.”

Millennial parents are more inclined to purchase eco-friendly product alternatives, this factor has been attributed to the increase in consumer knowledge about the damaging effects of single-use plastics and the many benefits of sustainable products, such as reusable nappies. However, a recent customer insights project* carried out by customer agency; C Space found that cost was a key barrier into entering the reusable nappy category. Klarna will empower Bambino Mio to combat consumer perceptions and make these products even more accessible for parents, by offering easy payment choices.

Luke Griffiths, general manager at Klarna UK, added: “Adding Bambino Mio to our ever-growing portfolio oMf UK Brands is a great opportunity for us to add more ethical retailers to our roster of partners. We’re proud to be supporting fast-growing sustainable brands who are at the top of their game, and Bambino Mio are a fantastic example of the sort of businesses that are growing in the UK at the moment. Taking the stress out of the payments process is just one way we can help shoppers focus on what’s important – by easing the financial pressures for parents we hope this partnership will make going green even easier.”

Bambino Mio has endeavoured to exceed expectations and lead the way for the reusable nappy market in product innovation, retail distribution, brand and marketing. The company’s proven retail and eCommerce strategies to strengthen the customer journey, has encouraged a strong fan base and a fast-growing demand for environmentally-friendly baby products.

Klaran’s payment methods highlights Bambino Mio’s aim to constantly improve customer experience.Pay later and Pay in 3 are available to use now across Bambino Mio’s multi award-winning product range, including reusable nappies, baby change-time accessories, swimwear and potty-training essentials. To find out more information about using Klarna with Bambino Mio visit visit

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