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PR and copywriting agency launches Pay As You Go style service

Posted: 16/03/17 by Ballyhoo PR

Ballyhoo PR, a Corby-based PR and copywriting agency, is offering a ‘Pay As You Go’ style service to businesses across Northamptonshire.

Responding to a need from sole traders and small to medium-sized businesses in the county, Ballyhoo PR can now accommodate ad-hoc copywriting jobs and write and issue one-off press releases. The company can also provide services as a stop-gap between contracts with providers or as support during particularly busy periods.

Emma Speirs, Director of Ballyhoo PR, said: “Increasingly I am being asked to undertake smaller jobs for clients that not only fit their budgets but can also suit their circumstances at a particular point in time.

“For example, in recent months, we have been asked to create and issue a company’s e-newsletter as their contract with a previous supplier had ended and they had a two-month gap before a new contract started. We have also been asked to manage a company’s social media accounts for a one week period because the client was under resourced. Another client recognises the value of PR to his business but cannot afford a monthly contract so gives us a call whenever he has a story he wants to get out to the press. We were also contacted by a company who had written all of the content for their website but were struggling with how to word one particular page so asked Ballyhoo PR to write it.

“Like most PR agencies, we do offer monthly retainer contracts but we are equally happy to step in and support companies with smaller jobs, giving them the freedom to get on with the day to day running of their business.”

To find out more about Ballyhoo PR and the services it offers, visit, email or call 01536 682800.

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