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New Gulf Conformity Tracking Symbol

Posted: 28/02/17 by Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce Ltd

Gulf Conformity Tracking Symbol: April 1st 2017 is the deadline set for implementation of the Gulf Standards Association (GSO) new Gulf Conformity Tracking Symbol (GCTS) for electrical products certified for marketing in the Gulf region.

The deadline, which has been postponed from January 1st, means that as of April 1st 2017, each of the 13 types* of electrical product on GSO’s ‘List 2’ will be subject to the mandatory certification, and expected to carry the GCTS.

GCTS is a combination of the mandatory G-marking and an associated QR-code for identification tracking, and is to be shown on the actual product (or on the packaging or following documentation if not possible on the actual product).

The 13 types* of electrical product included on GSO’s ‘List 2’ are as follows:

1. Domestic Electrical Fans

2. Refrigerators, freezers and other refrigerating or freezing equipment

3. Centrifugal clothes dryers and clothes washing machines, including machines which both wash and dry.

4. Food grinders and mixers, fruit or vegetable juice extractors.

5. Toasters

6. Electro-thermic hair-dressing apparatus and hand dryers

7. Domestic electric heating apparatus

8. Microwave ovens

9. Other ovens; cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters.

10. Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters.

11. Electric smoothing irons

12. Plugs, Socket outlets, Adaptors, Cord Extension, Sets and Chargers.

13. Air conditioners

*This may be subject to change by GSO prior to implementation.

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