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Identifying trends in the world of learning and development technology

Posted: 13/02/17 by The Development Company Limited

Two staff from local training company The Development Company attended the world’s largest conference and exhibition on using technology in learning and development, ATD TK 2017.

Organised by the Association of Talent Development (ATD), the world’s largest membership body for learning and talent professionals, Louise Plant, elearning author at The Development Company, summarises her findings for you:

• Micro learning is a big trend for 2017 – training inputs should be between 2 minutes, and maximum 4 minutes. This is due to attention spans, how we work now, and a need for development to be at the moment of learner need. (ATD)

• The use of video in learning and development has doubled since 2012, and this growth rate is set to speed up. (Maestro)

• Video roleplays are useful for training sales people. The learner is asked a question, they then use their webcam to make a video response to the question. A coach can then review the video and give feedback anywhere and anytime. (Rehearsal)

• Selfie videos are becoming a popular way to ask questions and knowledge share (Maestro)

Some statistics about video in Learning and Development (source: Videolicious):

• Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, email, or article.

• Video increases knowledge retention by 25-60%

• There is a 60% increase in people opening emails that include video

• There is a 25% increase in engagement when people open emails with video

To read Louise’s blog on her first visit to America, her experience of Las Vegas, and her learning, go to

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